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    Villa Alfred Xavier


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The principal objective of the company is to improve the "global" health of the resident-members.

To do this, Villa Alfred Xavier will offer specialized accommodations which will be affordable for the majority of retirees, those who do not qualify for subsidized housing programs and who do not have the "large revenues" to pay for such luxury (condos) by themselves.

Construction will implement recommendations of recent research reports which confirm the need for a healthy environment, flexible, and secure to make it possible for seniors to increase their health, as much on the physical plan as psychic, financial as well as spiritual and... an environment which will enable them to valorize themselves in the eyes of the general public, and to prove that it is not necessary that they be a burden on society.

V.A.X. will of course offer all the services of traditional residences, that is meals, maintenance of a landscaped environment, nursing assistance, domestic assistance, and others.

The design of the modules gives the message, unambiguously, that it is " accessible home, welcoming and secure... with elevators, approach ramps... of studios (room & board) including meals, and of apartments... (including kitchenette or kitchen with institutional equipment)... cordial and sunny... with pleasant dimensions and entirely adapted... with balconies..." and which includes "...accessible and open common spaces (dining room, activities rooms, reception area, laundry rooms, storage rooms, terraces and gardens)... and a secure, private and attractively landscaped external environment..." with "...circulation paths that respect privacy and encourage secure walks... and located near commonly used services..."3 such as hospital, shopping centers, bus routes and highway.

Services and Products

  • Accommodations
  • Offices
  • Commerce
  • Services:
    • banquet planning
    • bingo presentation
    • Meals on Wheels
    • crafts
    • gardening
  • Remunerative activities
  • Security
  • Meals
  • Maintenance
  • Animation
  • Member-Services - housekeeping assistance, nursing aid
  • Training - internet, computer operations, personal finance, investment, and others



  • condo style lodging at $950 per month with separate bedroom and living room, private bathroom *, and full kitchen, including services ***, but with meals ** available at extra cost
  • large-studio lodging (bedroom, room&board) at $1,250 with a large surface area and a private bathroom *, including meals ** and services ***
  • small-studio lodging (bedroom, room&board) at $1,200 with average surface area and a private bathroom *, including meals ** and services ***

    * Bathroom - note that the private bathrooms include a high range wash basin, a toilet with environmental water system, a whirlpool / airjet bath, and a separate shower, and are equipped with security bars and a security system
    ** Meals - in order to prevent members and residents from find that meals come from the same menus repeated over and over, all meals will be provided by an on-site restaurant that highlights a multi-choice menu.
      • The tenants of the room & board lodging are entitled to 2 free meals per day
      • The tenants of the condo-type lodging are entitled to meals at a 20% reduction of listed cost
      • Visitors and the general public also have access to the restaurant, but pay the current listed price of the restaurant
    *** Services - the resident-members are entitled free of charge to most of the following services, while merchants and professionals can avail themselves of same at extra cost :
      • housekeeping
      • health consulting and control
      • exercise program
      • swimming program
      • and others...


  • 24 hours - 7 days, with staff on the premises
  • access card with photograph and computer micro-chip
  • controlled accesses using avant-garde technology
  • cameras and microphones at the strategic locations
    ... including individual lodging entrances
    (and even in the lodging IF desired)
  • guard post 24 / 7


  • home - free for the residents of home-small bedrooms
  • common spaces and public areas
  • possessions (interior of the home, and others)

Synergistic Services

  • "...a grouping of community services made up mainly of a food service, a conciergerie and monitoring service as well as an animation service..."3


  • coffee shop meetings
  • physical workshops of exercises and relaxation
  • group-discussions (subjects of current events)
  • cooking - health
  • visits of the month
  • do-it-yourself / crafts
  • bingos
  • card games
  • parlour games
  • festivals of the month, leagues - sand bag game, petanque, and others
  • seasonal festivals
  • and others


  • for the residents / members - internet, informatrix
  • for the public, by the residents / members - various crafts, history, life experiences
  • internet - Netscape, IExplorer, e-mail, chatrooms, and others
  • taxation of company house
  • family budget
  • taxation
  • computer operations
  • operation of popular software packages
  • and others


  • travel
  • crafts
  • professional consulting
  • and others

Physical Installations

  • landscaping
  • secure passageways, hallways and landscaping


  • Meals on Wheels
  • crafts
  • gardening
  • and others

Villa Alfred Xavier, with the participaCtion of its resident-members, will offer products such as vegetables, flowers and fruit from the 4-seasons garden, crafts, and other goods and services to the local public. V.A.X. will as well offer commercial services for customers such as a family restaurant and a donut shop (ie. Tim Horton's), both open 24hrs a day - 7 days a week, as well as a smoke shop and others. In addition, it will also offer offices for professionals; craft workshops; reception and conference rooms; interior parking; the use of the 4-seasons swimming pool (100'x50'); as well as the use of the solarium (125' dia).

Moreover, this new lifestyle concept will offer meal services to the regional public, will collaborate in Community activities and will invite local residents to its own activities, and will exchange services with Community groups in order to animate the lifestyle of these residents.

Note-3 --- selon Mme. Marielle Dion, membre du conseil d'administration de la corporation Les Habitations les II Volets et autres, dans le compte rendu du colloque tenu à Montréal en 11/91, intitulée Les habitations pour personnes âgées en perte d'autonomie, page 9

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